Granville Tennis Club

1055 River Road, Granville, Ohio 43023

A non-profit organization run by the members for the members.

Our Tennis Leagues

*** Leagues offered and days and times may vary annually.  The below offerings are typical in recent years.

Women's Granville GCTA Team
From left: Lori Brown, Cindy Wilkins, Lisa Bazley, Brenda Hill, Jane Dougan, Debbie Wong
Not pictured: Nancy Dix, Kathy Fornes, Eva Revesz, Laura Boyd


Women’s Daytime Doubles Leagues

Monday through Friday daily at 8:30AM - 2.5 to 3.5 level
Contact: Lori Brown at / 740-323-3562


Men’s Daytime Doubles Leagues

Mon-Wed-Fri 8:00AM to 10:00AM - Regular Men's 3.5+ level
Contact: Joe Velasquez at / 740-344-1918

Monday through Friday daily 9:00AM to 10:30AM Senior Men's 3.0+ level
Contact: Jeri Clarke at / 740-587-2386


Mixed Evening Doubles Leagues

Wednesday 6:00PM - 3.5+ level
Contact: Jeanie McNamara at


Women’s Granville - Greater Columbus Tennis Assn (GCTA) Teams

3.0 level (Regular Adult Summer Career - Daytime Traveling Team)
Contact: Kathy Fornes at / 614-204-5707

4.0 level (Regular Adult Summer Career - Evening Traveling Team)
Contact Co-Captain: Medha Sutliff at / 740-403-1450 or
Contact Co-Captain: Beth Pracher at


Men’s Granville - Greater Columbus Tennis Assn (GCTA) Teams

4.0 level (Regular Adult) - Home matches Saturday mornings
4.0 level (Silver Adult - age 55+) - Home matches TBD
Contact: Clarke Berdan at / 740-587-4154